Recent Testimonials on Expert Witness Use:

In April 2016, Robin testified in a physical assault case and has been told she will definitely be utilized in the future for similar cases.

In March 2016, Robin testified for the US Army and received this feedback:

“Thank you again for your assistance on the case.   The judge mentioned
during his comments to us afterwards that he thought your testimony was

In January, Robin testified on an Assault Case and the ADA had this to say:

“I think your testimony was very helpful-and you did great job relating to the jury and informing them about stab wounds.  I also learned about some investigative things I can think about for future cases (like looking for transfer on inside of clothing)-”

Health Care Institutions

1.    Did you know JACHO and CMS can ask how you are assessing your SANE program?

JACHO and CMS have the authority to ask for records that indicate how you are assessing your SANE program, just as they do with any other aspect of the care you provide in your facility.  When they ask, will you be prepared to prove to them that you have an effective program that provides competent care to your patients.  How are you going to prove this?  Do you and your facility have the expertise to know that your facility and staff are staying current with standards of practice?

2.    QA/QI provided by Experts in the Specialty of Forensic Nursing

KB Forensics is founded and operated by 3 forensic nurses with over 50 years combined experience.  They are active in the state of Oregon and with the International Association of Forensic Nursing staying current with all standards of practice.  As legislation, board of nursing practices, and standards of practice in SANE change, KB stays up to date and applies all standards to quality assurance and improvement evaluations.

3.    Evaluations

Expert, unbiased evaluations will be provided in a timely manner:

  • National QA/QI tools will be used to evaluate taking bias out of process
  • Along with the copy of QA/QI tool, you will be provided with recommendations if practices need to be improved
  • Site visits can be arranged if needed to assist in practice improvements
  • Evaluations can be targeted or random based on the needs of your facility


4.    Timelines

Evaluations can be done annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly depending on the volume of your facilities practice.


5.    Benefits

  • Outside, unbiased assessment
  • Prove compliance to governing bodies of healthcare organizations
  • Assist your nurses in proving competence in practice to the board of nursing and administration
  • HIPPA recognized and evaluations done is a compliant manner



Law Enforcement/Trial Preparation/Expert Witness:

Need interpretation of medical records, assessment of charting, consultation on cases in preparation for going to trial, expert testimony.

Costs: After discussion of specific needs, KB Forensics will draw up a proposed fee along with a contract and invoice.

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