Quality Improvement

Does your facility need assistance in quality assurance and improvement?  Maybe you are the only forensic provider in your area.  KB Forensics is available to assist you and your facility in assuring that you are following standards of practice and give constructive feedback to improve and continue the high quality care you strive to provide.  Contact us to find out more.

40 Hour SANE Training

20 hours online and 20 hours in person.

KB Forensics is currently working on creating a wonderful opportunity for 40 hour SANE training.  We know that 40 hours is a long time to commit to being away from your family, and facilities are hesitant to pay for the class, travel, and accommodations.  BUT 40 hour online training is often impersonal and can be a challenge to get all of your questions answered.  This training will be the best of both worlds!  You will have the time saving opportunity of online training, combined with limited time away from work and family with a personalized touch from experienced practitioners.

Link to the registration document: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvrXuohEMis2mWRIQfDdjtXO6luCZg1zkyWg0aFdXX3KRZ-g/viewform?usp=send_form

If you are unable to open the form (it is a google document and does not tend to work within healthcare facilities d/t firewalls) please email us at kbforensics2@gmail.com and we will just get the required info from you and get you enrolled.

CdA Training Complete

Thank You Coeur d’Alene Tribe for allowing KB Forensics to provide Expert Witness training to your professional community!  Kris and I enjoyed interacting with the attendees and look forward to a lasting relationship.  Some of our attendees had the following to say:

-“Excellent information and practice-Hope I can remember should I have a need to testify”

-“Thank you, I really appreciate going over what to expect”

Welcome to KB Forensics Blog

Here you will find updates in forensic nursing practice and current standards of practice.  We will provide education on everything from Elder Abuse, to Death Investigation.  We hope you visit us frequently to assist in your maintenance of competency of your practice.

About Us:

Kris Karcher has been a nurse since 1989 when she began career in emergency departments in rural Alaska.  It was during this time that Kris became passionate in improving healthcare’s response to victims of violence.  She had received her BSN from Oregon Health Sciences University, and continued her education with a Masters level Certificate in Forensic Nursing in 1997 from University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, CO.  Since 1998, Kris has served as the Chief Deputy Medical Examiner and forensic nurse for Coos County, Oregon.  This role allows diverse applications of her forensic expertise in both death investigation and survivors of violence. Both involve the assessment of injuries and Kris often testifies as an expert in strangulation, wound/injury identification and mechanism of injury.  She loves to share this knowledge and expertise taking the opportunities to educate other professionals, including law enforcement, medical personnel and/or community partners.  She has presented trainings nationally and internationally on such topics as wound identification, strangulation, kinematics and mechanism of injury, forensic photography, and neurobiology of trauma. She is an adjunct professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College’s Criminal Justice Program, and the University of California-Riverside online Forensic Nursing Program teaching Crime Scene Investigation/Death Investigation, Forensic Photography and Crime Scene Preservation in a Healthcare Setting.  Kris is a member of the Coos County’s Major Crime Team, Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction Team, and newly formed Forensic Team.  She is an active member of both her county’s Child and Adult Multidisciplinary Teams. She is a member of the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force Medical/Forensic Committee, and is an Oregon Certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (OR-SANE).  In addition, she is an instructor with the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force SANE Training Institute.  She also served as the SANE Coordinator in 2002 and was instrumental in forming the Oregon SANE certification program.  She is a member of International Association of Forensic Nursing and was honored when they presented her an award for her tremendous contributions to the world of forensic nursing.

Robin Olafson has been in nursing since 1999 and quickly found her passion as a sexual assault nurse examiner and caring for patients experiencing trauma in 2002.  She was able to expand upon her role as an urban ER trauma nurse to spearheading a SANE program in a rural facility which ended up averaging 5 sexual assault cases/month.  Upon moving back into an urban ER setting, Robin was offered a job as the SANE Coordinator at the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force.  During this time she has taught a variety of forensic nursing topics (including forensic photography, strangulation, documentation) in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon focusing on tribal communities.  She has lead conference sessions for International Association of Forensic Nursing (IAFN) as well as End Violence Against Women, International (EVAWI).  Robin loves sharing her expertise in training health care professionals, law enforcement; and other multidisciplinary professionals.  In 2013 Robin received the March of Dimes Oregon Nurse of the Year in a Specialty Practice award.  She enhances her expertise by attending classes toward a Certification in Forensic Nursing at the University of California Riverside and attending online death investigation courses through University of North Dakota, and staying up to date on the latest standards of practice in the Forensic Nursing.  She is a current member of her local county Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), and International Association of Forensic Nursing.

Patti Kenyon has more than 40 years experience as a practice registered nurse.  Throughout her career she gained vast experience in the ICU and ER settings, and became a SANE in the 1980’s in Minnesota.  She quickly recognized the significant impact her specialized knowledge as a forensic nurse had on patients.  After moving to Oregon she continued her forensic nursing practice with the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force where she served as the SANE Coordinator for several years.  Currently, Patti serves as an instructor for the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force, as well as a chair for the Medical Forensic Committee, she also coordinates the SANE program for Samaritan Health.  In Linn and Benton counties Patti serves as a deputy medical examiner.  She continues to practice as a SANE in both rural and urban communities in Oregon and works along side the child abuse specialists at a county Child Abuse Program.  Patti has been asked to present nationally at International Association of Forensic Nursing (IAFN) conferences and webinars.  Patti holds both her SANE-A (adult/adolescent) and SANE-P (pediatric) certifications through IAFN.  Patti is easily considered an expert in forensic nursing throughout the state and beyond.